P-RAK: Cargo Racking System

The P-RAK, or palletised cargo racking system, is a product that allows for a second or third floor to be added to a shipping container. This mezzanine floor increases the total floor area of the container, allowing more goods to be loaded inside.

The P-RAK can be loaded outside the container and cargo secured before being rolled inside the container and lifted to the desired position. The P-RAK is designed to ship a large volume of palletised cargo which can’t be stacked on top of each other for various reasons such as crushing, damage, weight or stability. It uses existing R-RAK technology and can be used in conjunction with other Trans-Rak products to enable complete or knockdown vehicles to be shipped in the same container as various parts. This product is not limited to the automotive industry and has a wide range or applications.

Benefits of the P-RAK

  • Palletised cargo support system
  • Ability to load multiple pallets/boxes onto a single P-RAK platform
  • Quicker loading into containers for faster turnaround
  • P-RAKs can be combined to create a second or third mezzanine floor in the container
  • Wheels on the platform allow for the product to be rolled around the factory after unloading
  • Utilises existing R-RAK technology


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How to Load

1. Position the P-RAK where it is to be loaded.
Assemble EL-RAK
2. Load the cargo onto the P-RAK and secure it.
Adjust EL-RAK to vehicle trasport
3. Meanwhile, fit the standard Trans-Rak posts in the container at the desired position. This post is the same for the R-RAK, SKD-RAK and P-RAK, making all racking interchangeable.
Hook the Cassette
4. Push the loaded P-RAK into the container. This can be done by hand or with the assistance of a forklift.
Loading RAK
5. Lift the P-RAK up to the desired height. This can be done manually with chain hoists or using a forklift. The P-RAK is then bolted to the posts to secure it.
Vehicle on EL-RAK
6. P-RAKs can be loaded on the floor also and secured to the posts in the same manner.
Lift first rear
7. Repeat as often as desired. The P-RAKs could be preloaded with cargo to minimise container dwell time, meaning it can take as little as 30 minutes to fully load a container with two floors.
8. For repositioning, removed P-RAKs can stack 30 in a standard 20ft container or over 60 in a 40ftHC container.

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P-RAK: Cargo Racking System
P-RAK: Cargo Racking System
P-RAK: Cargo Racking System
P-RAK: Cargo Racking System
P-RAK: Cargo Racking System
P-RAK: Cargo Racking System
P-RAK: Cargo Racking System
P-RAK: Cargo Racking System