Operating Equipment

The following products constitute the Operating Equipment required in order to operate the Trans-Rak car racking systems.

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M-Ramps are designed to facilitate the loading of vehicles when using and R-Rak.

The M-Ramps are placed beneath the front wheel frame to ease the vehicle up and over.

Once the container has been loaded, the M-Ramps are removed.


Trans-Rak approved chain hoists are readily available in every market. Once the racking system is lifted and secured in place, the Chain Hoists are removed


The Trans-Rak Grab Chain is an innovative accessory which allows for a single chain hoist to lift from two points simultaneously.

This ensures that the racks are lifted in a stable and safe manner.


Trans-Rak manufacture a wide variety of lashings for securing vehicles.

  • Wheel lashings
  • Container Wall Lashings
  • Webbing Straps
  • Bonnet Lashings


The Guide Pole is a special loading device for vehicles with free spinning wheels such as electric vehicles and rear wheel drives. The Guide Pole holds the R-Rak wheel frames from rotating during lifting.

The Guide Pole is secured with lashings to each wheel frame. Once the vehicle is fixed into position, the Guide Pole is released and removed from the container. To unload the vehicle, the same process is reversed.


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