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How to load multiple marques into a container

Racking, stacking and packing different sized vehicles into a shipping container can be a challenge but with a little lateral thinking and R-Raks from Trans-Rak it’s a case of problem solved.

Our customer Cargo Marketing Services told us in words and pictures just how their first shipment – a mix including a 4 x 4, a sports car and a saloon – from UK to Kuching, Malaysia in a 4 pack formation, fared.

When organising the best arrangement of cars in a container the R-Rak removable vehicle racking system is designed to be extremely flexible to achieve the correct angle at which to secure the car. Then if an adjustment is required, it is just as quick and easy to load, unload and then reload without damage to the vehicle.

David Horwell, CMS who was in charge of proceedings reported: “The load was tight with the Range Rover Sport but having a low profile Porsche allowed it to fit. The secret to it was we got in with RR on the floor and as a result £250,000 worth of new vehicles were delivered without a scratch!”

How to load multiple marques into a container